Valentine's Fever

Bonjour, my love birds 😉

I feel like it has been ages since I had a chance to use internet. I’m thousands miles away from my little island visiting the land of my ancestors. It is such an incredible place and I feel blessed to be here, but it is hard to be so far from my love especially on Valentine’s day. Nevertheless, I am still excited to bring you this Valentine's Day themed post that I had a chance to prepare before I left.

romea adler loft malta

Ahhh Valentine's Day, where to begin... I feel like it is one of the most controversial holidays of all. Some people absolutely hate it claiming that their loneliness feels extra miserable on this day. Others hate it just because they are Grinch of Valentine’s.  Couples though (mostly female part) get super excited. Some might even get too excited preparing for it.

I personally love this day regardless of my status. How can I not? A legend behind it is so romantic. A priest who gave his life so the others could love… So let’s celebrate Love in every shape of it.

I love celebrating Valentine's with either my friends by having a cheeky girls night or with my love on a romantic date. And of course I love it also because it is another occasion to dress up. I collaborated with London Cafe to bring you this stunning looks in case you are still looking for THE outfit.

I fell in love with this dress. I couldn’t help myself but feel fabulous in it. Here I am ready for my “anytime o’clock” bellinis.

Long sleeves and an open back are my favourite combination in a dress. And feather detailing totally bought me (“just shut up and take my money” kinda thing).

romea adler loft malta

Another gorgeous gown and I am ready to go on a red carpet. Details embroidered by hand all over the dress are absolutely stunning.

This is THE dress that I am going to wear for my romantic night out. (When I am back =))

Look #3 is something more exclusive. One of a kind, handmade little black dress with cute feathery pom poms, sooo Monica Bellucci like.

By the way, if you are still wondering where to spend your day - check out LOFT. The venue is so beautiful, I would move in straight away if I could. =D

romea adler loft malta

Fine furniture store recently opened a cafe on the ground level. From marble tables to salads in mason jar, every corner of this place is sooo *instagramworthy!

*The top compliment that a place can get

Chic atmosphere, jazz music, champagne and bonbons served all day, definitely a place to be.

romea adler loft malta

Special thanks to the photographer Kris Rusajczyk and Aga Rusajczyk for the dresses pictured.

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