Pyjamas Babe

I love Christmas! Did I say it before? Well, you will be hearing it very often.  Because how can you not? Presents, family gathering together, presents, foooood after all. There are thousands of reasons. Did I mention presents?

Sometimes the best way to celebrate is to stay home. Warm and cozy, watching good old Xmas movies surrounded my your favourite F’s (Food, Family, Friends).

Fashion blogger Romea Adler Piccinino lingerie Mangano pygamas .JPG

Not in sweatpants and a messy bun though, but Victoria Secrets Fashion Show like pyjama party.

When your underwear is like a piece of art, it is a pity you can’t wear it out. Pyjama party is a perfect occasion to show it off.

Fashion blogger Romea Adler Piccinino lingerie Mangano pygamas .JPG

 Here I am wearing a beautiful body from Piccinino Lingerie. I paired it with a feather skirt from Mangano and voilà! A masterpiece is ready.

For the next look I chose the comfiest yet chic silk nightwear from Piccinino Lingerie as well. Gather your girlfriends together, stock up on champagne - it’s Glam Time.

These photographs were taken in a stunning Palazzo Consiglia, you can read more about it in my previous post. Stay beautiful and have fun!



Romea XOXO