Poncho it

Ponchos have been used by Native American peoples since God knows when. It has been coming in and out of fashion ever since with design changing from "rainproof-grandma approved-one hole for a head" piece of fabric to today's super comfy transformable amazingness. 

Here are some of my takes on this Aztecan outwear.

Rome adler Fashion blogger Burberry poncho zara hm.jpg

When Burberry introduced their personalised ponchos, my heart skipped a bit or two. I just had to lay my hands on it. How awesome is that? It has multiple colours, and in theory I would scream: "God, no, no, no! It is too much." But in fact it works. And, of course, with my initials on... it is just everything.

Here I threw on a pretty basic look. Nude baggy blouse and leather pants both by H&M, white kicks from Zara. To spice up the look I added a choker made by moi. The Poncho did the rest.

One of many reasons why I like winter is layering. Layering is something that brings your style to an entirely new level. Take the most basic outfit, layer it right and voila! You. Are. Vogue.

Romea Adler fashion blogger zara poncho layering

In my next look I wore skinny jeans by New Look paired with a Zara plain white tee. Could it be more basic? But here comes my Zara poncho wrapped with a cool double belt by ASOS. For an extra warmth I added an Alexander MqQueen scarf and my all-time favourite statement coat by Promod. And of course the comfiest Uggs and my Prada bag which I literally live with. 

Romea Adler fashion blogger poncho zara basic look uggs

Here I have another simple look, because who have time for magic on a family vacay? Not me. Leather H&M pants and Bershka denim shirt, silver ankle Uggs and a poncho. Can we please take a second now and appreciate the amazingness of this Zara poncho?

Romea Adler fashion blogger zara poncho hm

The combination of blues and grey that I can just scream of. I totally fell in love with it from the first sight. Anyway, yet again it added a pinch of high fashion-ness to my look.

Romea Adler fashion blogger zara poncho hm

I hope you enjoyed this post, my muffins.

Romea xxx

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