Malta Fashion Week 2017


Malta Fashion Week was a bliss. Although I had to miss third and fourth days, I caught up with them through my fellow bloggers as well as photographers and ready to share my favourite moments of MFW 2017 with you. 

Day 1

Although I had little to almost no time to get myself properly ready I still managed to make things work (yeeey, me!). My last minute choice worked perfectly. The look was inspired by Chanel, the 50’s and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

 Photo credits :  Bernard Polidano

Photo credits : Bernard Polidano

Top Dolce&Gabbana. Necklace Chanel. Pants Zara. Shoes YSL . The book clutch Shein.

Day 1 was just wonderful and I really enjoyed the shows, especially Nilara's. Not to mention all the fun I had with my Blogger Squad.

The opening show "La cupola" by a young Maltese designer Rosemary Abela:

Photography : Justin Ciappara.

It was then followed by an exhibition of Yana’s Jewellery:

Photo credits : Ronald Camilleri.

A ballet-themed performance by Sarah Caruana Dingli:

Photo Credits : Luke Testaferrata Photography.

Here is Nilara's stunning show "Unforgiven":

 Photography :  Justin Ciappara

Photography : Justin Ciappara

I tried not to be biased, but this show completely stole my heart…

Looks, music, models… everything was amazing.

Photo credits : Kurt Paris.

Even though the show started at a quite late hour, it was totally worth the wait.

Some of the outfits though… I just wanted to be there on stage wearing them, looking that badass!

Day 2

romea adler malta fashion week 2017

The first show "The Gods" by Herminas Reea was divine.

Do you know that point in life when you have great expectations about something and when they are not justified you get super disappointed? Yesterday I experienced the very opposite of that feeling. It is not that I had low expectations of that show… but I never expected it to be so good. I was almost screaming, I was so in love! All those feathers, fringes, beads and crowns like "honeeeey, just shut up and take my money!".. all of them.

The second show was by Parascandalo.

What can you expect from a young talent?

Dynamic show - ✔️

A bold and daring collection - ✔️

Well done Skandlu, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Day 3-4 highlights

Carla Grima:

First time I became acquainted with Carla Grima’s works was about 3 years ago. Already then I was impressed with the design, quality and especially fabrics, which were colour-painted by her. 

Unfortunately, this year I missed her show, but when I saw pictures. I regretted not being there immediately, the swimwear collection was so chic!


Another designer that made me want to buy, buy, buy:

That's were my favourite moments from Malta Fashion Week but what were yours? Let me know what you think in the comments bellow.

All images: Justin Ciappara.

Till next one,